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Brighten up their Christmas with shortbread, tea or hot chocolate light-up lanterns or our Swiss mountain light-up tin containing 25 Swiss truffles! ✨
Swiss Mountain Light-up Tin
Make every December morning delicious with advent calendars filled with everything from biscuits to Percy Pigs! Find the perfect calendar in store.
Dachshund Through the Snow Advent Calendar
🎄🎅🏼 The season to make your home sparkle is coming in just ✨60 days✨! Enjoy an extraordinary Christmas with us 🤩 🛌 For the bedroom 🛌 🕯 An enticing aroma sets a festive mood, so why not get some Christmas candles? Find luxurious designs in our inspiring Christmas bedding collection featuring velvet duvet sets, supersoft teddy fleece pillows and more. 🍽 For the kitchen 🍽 🦃 Whether you are cooking a delicious turkey or a vegan roast, our collection of Christmas kitchenware has you covered. 📺 For the living room 📺 Make decorating your Christmas tree 🎄 a bonding activity! Hide some deliciously creamy M&S chocolates in a Christmas stocking and kiss under the mistletoe when the day arrives 💋 🎅🏼 Discover our festive fixes and bring a touch of magic when decorating! Shop in stores or search 🔎 ""Christmas"" at https://bit.ly/SGSocial2 #MarksandSpencer #MarksandSpencerSG #Christmas
🛋 是時候放鬆一下,盡情享用您最喜愛的 M&S 小吃!加上這些限時優惠更是不可抗拒 😍👇🏻 🍿 精選爆谷任選2件$40 🍬 精選袋裝糖果任選2件$45 🍪 精選餅乾任選3件$69 🍫 精選什錦朱古力餅任選2件$69 🤤 立即到門市或到M&S流動應用程式選購 >> https://bit.ly/mandshkapp 🛋 Kick back, relax and grab your favourite M&S snacks! Check out these irresistible offers 😍👇🏻 🍿 2 for $40 on selected popcorn, mix & match. 🍬 2 for $45 on selected bagged sweets, mix & match. 🍪 3 for $69 on selected biscuits, mix & match. 🍫 2 for $69 on selected extremely chocolatey biscuits, mix & match. 🤤 Head to our stores or order from the M&S app >> https://bit.ly/mandshkapp #MarksandSpencer #MandSHK
魔法繼續🪄 《哈利波特》引人入勝的魔法世界又回來了!給孩子們穿上他們最喜歡的霍格沃茨連帽衛衣和充滿聖誕氣氛的節日裝扮,又或用神奇的配飾把他們變身。 ✨立即到店或到網上商店選購: https://bit.ly/HKSocial ! The magic continues🪄 The spellbinding Harry Potter collection is back! Treat them to their favourite Hogwarts house hoodies and festive Yule Ball-ready looks, or wrap them up in magical accessories. ✨Discover the collection in stores or check out the items at https://bit.ly/HKSocial now! #MarksandSpencer #MandSHK
👻 無論您正準備萬聖節派對🎃還是打算把屋子裝飾成鬼屋🏚,這些怪異的裝飾品和服飾都必定讓您的客人帶來驚喜(或驚嚇🫢)! 😏 快來準備既驚又喜的萬聖節...🙀 立即到門市或於網上商店https://bit.ly/HKSocial 輸入🔎 "Halloween" 搜尋怪誕萬聖節應節貨品! 👻 Whether preparing a Halloween-themed dessert table 🎃 or turning your crib into a haunted house🏚, these spooktacular ornaments and clothes will have your guests screaming in delight🫢! 😏 Time to spook all the scaredy-cats...🙀 Halloween this way at your nearest M&S store or search 🔎 "Halloween" at https://bit.ly/HKSocial #MarksandSpencer #MandSHK
🍃➡️🍂 天氣突然轉冷,未有穿搭想法?大熱的大地色系和碎花圖案是今季的必備元素👇🏻 🍁 立即到店或到網上商店選購秋季新裝: https://bit.ly/HKSocial 🍃➡️🍂 Wondering what to wear for autumn? Think earthy colours and ditsy florals. Read on for style tips👇🏻 🍁 Discover autumn wear in stores or check out the items at https://bit.ly/HKSocial #MarksandSpencer #MandSHK
🇬🇧 英式烘餅(Crumpets)在英國很受歡迎,更是我們最暢銷的烘焙產品之一! 😋 烘熱後外表微脆,裡面柔軟有嚼勁,給您的味蕾帶來不一樣的體驗!更重要的是,我們的所有麵包都含有豐富天然的維他命D和纖維,健康又美味! ⬇️ 雖然它的外表與英式鬆餅相似, 但口感和味道大不同! 立即點擊圖片了解他們的不同之處! ⭐️ 限時優惠 ⭐️ 烘餅及英式鬆餅任選2件$60 🏬 到門市或到M&S流動應用程式 >> https://bit.ly/mandshkapp 🇬🇧 Crumpets are famous in the UK, and are one of our best sellers! 😋 Mildly crispy on the outside, crumpets are soft and sponge-like on the inside! They bring your tastebuds to Texture Town! What's more, all M&S breads are a natural source of Vitamin D and Fibre! ⬇️ Don't mix them up with English muffins; they are in a class of their own! Click on the images below to learn the differences between crumpets and English muffins! ⭐️ OFFERS ⭐️2 for $60 for crumpets and English muffins. 🏬 Try out both today! Available in stores or have them delivered to you via the M&S app >> https://bit.ly/mandshkapp #MarksandSpencer #MandSHK
💀 Time to get those trick-and-treat buckets ready for the kids! 🏚 Haunted Halloween All Butter Biscuit Light-Up Tin 🏚 Open the door you will see dense, buttery and ghost-shaped 👻 shortbread tumbling! This tin lights up and makes great decor for your Halloween dessert table! 👁 Eerie Eyeballs 👁 White chocolate filled with oozing raspberry centre, these eerie eyeballs are scarily delicious! 🐷 Hair Raising Treats 🐛 Soft and fruity, these spooky caterpillar-shaped and pig-shaped jelly sweets are the perfect Halloween treat. Half sweet, half sour, do you dare to try? 🏬 Grab them now at your nearest M&S stores or order them via the M&S app at https://bit.ly/mandssgapp #MarksandSpencer #MarksandSpencerSG