Top TikTok ads of the week 2023-07-23

Release Time2023-07-22

This is the Diffshop weekly selection of top TikTok ads!

We have created a snapshot for you! We make our picks based on engagement metrics, ad creatives and popularity index. Read the report below, learn ad ideas, get inspiration and improve your own TikTok Ad ROI!

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Finally revealing the ✨gains✨ secret. Love the @One Sol creatine. disc... | creating before and after | TikTok


i 🫶🏻 my @Urban Outfitters !!! #ad | hello i'm shelley duvall | TikTok


My stack from top to bottom 👇🏼 Highlighter: Peach Fizz Eyeshadow: Su... | subtle beauty | TikTok


round of applause for mr mans and @Glossier ultralip 👏🏽👏🏽 #glossi... | glossier ultra lip | TikTok


The digestive enzyme Lipase helps you better digest fats. The better y... | lipase protease enzymes | TikTok


#mensfashion #menstyle #watches #danmark #copenhagenstyle | TikTok


Coffee stain KILLER ☠️🪦 #coffee #killer | v34 colour corrector | TikTok


@kevinrupard has had a lot of oVertone colors over the last few years ... | i love you like lalala | TikTok


you guys are going to be OBSESSED with @Kosas new Wet Sticks❤️‍🔥 #kos... | kosas lip oil | TikTok