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Release Time2023-06-30

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Akshay Kumar

What’s his is mine and what’s mine is of course mine 😂 #ForceIX : Gender free clothing for all! Available on @myntra. @twinklerkhanna @forceixofficial #EngineeredWithEmotion

VitaClay Chef

#winter #tonic #oxtail or #shortribs #stew with #organic tomato sauce, #farmfresh tomatoes, #carrots potatoes #slowsimmered in #Vitaclay for 2-3 hours! Meat falling out of the bone... tender and juicy! #yuuuummmm #oxtail is rich in collagen from the cartilage that imparts a smooth richness to the stew. My TCM doctor cooks this for enhanced “chi” energy flow in winter, nourishing spine and strengthening bones... This Oxtail recipe is packed with minerals, collagen, glutamine, glycine and proline which are all necessary in healthy cell growth and functioning. It makes very nutritious healing soup or stew. It is an extremely simple dish to make! Check the recipe here-feel free to add more water to make it nourishing #soup too! Or with your favorite #spices #herbs https://vitaclaychef.com/blogs/recipes/flavorful-jamaican-beef-with-bone-in-stew-or-oxtails-in-clay

Rana Hamza Saif-RHS

I wanted to recreate the nostalgic memories of “Lamb Mandi” & “Al Baik” from my Hajj experience last year for my family who were doing Umrah with me this year. We visited two places to create our #RecipeForMagic: 1. Enjoying Al Baik’s mouthwatering chicken broast with an ice-cold Coca-Cola while sitting in Masjid-e-Nabvi. 2. Savoring the incredibly tender and juicy Lamb Mandi, where the magic truly happened when we ate it with our hands and took sips of chilled Coke. Share away your #RecipeForMagic and your nostalgic moments below! #cokeandmealspk #lamb #mandi #albaik #meatlover #saudiarabia #hajj #food #foodstagram #nostalgia

Unique Flags

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Crispy Bacon That's Out of This World!


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An eco-warrior before it was cool, David Trubridge's commitment to improving the planet shows in his design aesthetic, production methods and approach to life. Read the interview here: http://more.lumens.com/KUjR50OXCbs


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Men's Journal

See why #ArcticCool is changing the game! "Clothing we can wear out that will keep us comfortable but stylish as well. And when we tell you that Clothing From Arctic Cool is going to do that job and do it well, you should believe us." - Men's Journal