How to Make Shopify Store Hidden From Commerce Inspector

Release Time2023-10-20

How to Conceal Best-Selling Products on Shopify

Looking to maintain a competitive edge in the e-commerce space? One strategy is to ensure your best-selling products remain hidden from competitors or curious onlookers online. This article shows you how to make your Shopify store hidden from Commerce Inspector.

Why This Strategy?

Shielding your top-performing items offers an advantage by preventing easy replication by other e-commerce vendors.

Quick Guide:

  • Introduction: This tip emphasizes brevity and utility. It's a practical guide for those who seek actionable insights.
  • The Vulnerability: By appending a specific URL string to any Shopify store, it's possible to view products sorted by best-selling.
  • The Solution: To counteract this vulnerability, follow these steps:
  • Navigate to the Shopify dashboard.
  • Choose "Online Store" and then "Themes".
  • Select "Actions", followed by "Edit Code".
  • Locate and select "collection.liquid".
  • In this section, there's a specific string of code to be inserted (provided in the original source).
  • After inserting the new code, ensure to copy and retain the original collection.liquid code. This should be placed within the designated area of the new code.
  • Once the original code is integrated into the new one, delete the placeholder text.
  • Save all changes.
  • Customization Opportunity: The updated code allows room for a personal touch. When someone tries sorting products by best-selling, you can decide what they view. Some have added links to obscure content for a touch of whimsy.
  • Implementation Nuances: Properly applying this fix ensures that regular product collections remain unaffected. The only alteration will be when someone attempts to sort by best-selling; they won't succeed.


The ease of this implementation is matched by its importance. With this minor adjustment, store owners can preserve their edge, ensuring they keep competitors guessing.